List of Tenders

S.No Tender Name Department Tender ID No. Download
1. Tender for Infrared Moisture Meter - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_520736_1
2. Tender for Bomb Calorimeter - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_520689_1
3. Tender for Thermal Conductivity Meter - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_520008_1
4. Tender for Dairy Product Processing Line - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_473853_2
5. Tender for Automated Milk Analyser - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_513220_1
6. Tender for Flurometer - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_506859_2
7. Tender for Tray Drier - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_516919_1
8. Tender for Aluminum Partitioning, False Ceiling, Painting for Food Biotechnology and Food Testing Lab - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_512714_1
9. Tender for Homogenizer - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_508340_1
10. Tender for Integrated Electrospinning and 3D Printing Unit - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_492297_2