List of Tenders

S.No Tender Name Department Tender ID No. Download
1. Tender for Homogenizer - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_508340_1
2. Tender for Rectangular Muffle Furnace - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_506886_1
3. Tender for Integrated Electrospinning and 3D Printing Unit - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_492297_2
4. Tender for Tintometer - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_506586_1
5. Tender for Thermal Gravity Analyser - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_504956_1
6. Tender for Gas Analyser - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_506764_1
7. Tender for Flurometer - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_506859_1
8. Tender for Bomb Calorimeter - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_504959_1
9. Tender for Anaerobic Growth Chamber - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_506778_1
10. Tender for EOI Laboratory Equipment - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_506152_1
11. Tender for Particle Size Analyser - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_504949_1
12. Tender for Dietary Fiber Analyser - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_502784_1
13. Tender for Water Activity Meter - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_502745_1
14. Tender for Solvent Evaporator - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_502708_1
15. Tender for Saccharimeter - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_502454_1
16. Tender for Thermal Imaging Camera - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_502680_1
17. Tender for Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyser - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_500543_1
18. Tender for Gas Permeability Tester - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_502688_1
19. Tender for Aluminium Grill Partitioning and fixing of Chain drive type Roller Blinds - CPPP IIFPT 2019_IIFPT_496523_1