IIFPT-Research Projects

Project No. Project Title Name of the PI & Co-PI Total Funds (in lakhs) Document
On-Going Projects
Year : 2019-20
GAP-048 Incubation facility for production of virgin coconut oil and its value added products to increase coconut farmer’s income Dr. V. R. Sinija(PI)
Dr. V. Hema (Co-PI)
GAP-047 Development of sensors for quality evaluation coconut oil Dr. S. Shanmugasundaram (PI)
Dr. S. Anandakumar(Co-PI)
GAP-046 Enabling Start-Ups through value Chain Approach for Under Utilized Crops of Arid Region in Tamil Nadu Dr. A. Amudhasurabi (PI)
Dr. K. Suresh Kumar (Co-PI 1)
Dr. D. V. Chidanand (Co-PI 2))
GAP-045 Design & development of cold plasma based portable water treatment unit for armed forces in difficult conditions Dr. C. Anandharamaksrishnan (PI)
Dr. Jeyan Arthur Moses (Co-PI 1)
Dr. R. Mahendran (Co-PI2)
GAP-044 Development of active intelligent packaging system with antimicrobial agents for fruits & vegetables Dr. S. Anandakumar (PI)
Dr. B. K. Yadav (Co-PI)
Er. Tito Anand (Co-PI)
GAP-043 Development of diversified millet products Dr. V. Hema(PI)
Dr. V. R. Sinija (Co-PI)
GAP-042 Development of non-dairy symbiotic food to ensure food safety & combat hidden hunger deficiency Dr. R. Vidyalakshmi (PI)
Dr. V. Hema (Co-PI)
Year : 2018-19
GAP-041 Effective utilization of bio-waste from small onion in food processing applications Dr. V. R Sinija 34.36
GAP-040 Designing 3-D printed foods for personalized nutrition Dr. Jeyan Arthur Moses 55.42
GAP-039 Integrated Coconut Processing Unit for continuous removal of shell, testa, coconut water & dicing of coconut meat Dr. N. Venkatachalapathy 51.92
GAP-038 Supply, Erection & commissioning of 5 Nos. Mobile Processing Unit Dr.C.Anandharamakrishnan 200.00
GAP-037 Technology development & capacity building in neera preservation and value addition Dr. K. Suresh Kumar (Project Coordinator) 8.00
GAP-036 Setting up of Livelihood Business Incubation Centre (LBI) Dr.C.Anandharamakrishnan 97.77
GAP-035 Development of process for β-carotene-in cyclodextrine-in-iron liposomes for delivery of nutritional suppliments Dr. Sayantani Dutta,DST- INSPIRE faculty 83.33
GAP-034 Development of micro/nano anacardic acid from cashew nut waste as an effective alternative to synthetic food preservatives Dr. R. Preethi, PDF 19.20
GAP-033 Development of Non-thermal plasma System for Liquid Food Sterilization Dr. R. Mahendran 29.50
Year : 2017-18
GAP-032 Development of resistant starch rich gluten free bars as functional food for celiac disease patients Dr. A. Surendra Babu,PDF 19.20
GAP-031 Effect of Multi cereal & Legume supplement on the Nutritional status of underweight children in urban slums of Puducherry Dr. P. Vasanthakumari,PDF 19.2
GAP-030 GrainCare Dr.C.Anandharamakrishnan 123.464
GAP-029 NewTrition Dr.C.Anandharamakrishnan 111.764
Year : 2016-17
GAP-028 Development of Nanofiber incorporated hydrogels as 3D scaffold skin tissue growth Ms. M. Maria Leena 25.9
GAP-027 Design and Development of Engineered Nano Food Particles Dr.C.Anandharamakrishnan 21.17
GAP-026 Nanopatterning with low temperature process for the production of instant foaming soluable coffee Dr.C.Anandharamakrishnan 42.92
GAP-025 Design and Development of Solar Photovoltaic Powered Cold Storage System Dr.M.Loganathan 34.13
GAP-024 Development of an In-Bin fumigation system and management protocols for scientific storage for selected Indian spices Dr.Jeyan Arthur Moses (PI)
Dr. M. Loganathan (Co-PI)
GAP-023 Smart warehouses with application of frontier EM & electronics based technology (S.AF.E2.T.Y) Dr.C.Anandharamakrishnan 80.19
GAP-022 Effective Grain Storage for better Livelihoods of Indian Farmers for food and nutritional security in the new millennium Dr.R. Meenatchi 22.00
GAP-021 Quality evaluation of Litchi fruit by using E-Vision and E-nose system health Dr.B.K.Yadav 34.05
Completed Projects
Year : 2016-17
GAP-019 Microwave assisted extraction of soymilk for improving its functionality Dr.Akash Pare 27.5
Year : 2015-16
GAP-018 Design and Development of Atmospheric Pressure Non-Thermal Plasma System for Food Processing Application Dr.R.Mahendran 38.27
GAP-017 Development of Management protocols for On-farm Bulk Storage of paddy and Development of a Computer simulation Model as Design and Management Tools for Bulk Storage of Grains in India Dr.C.V.Kavitha Abirami 67.85
GAP-015 Solar Energy Assisted On-Farm Thresher Cum Winnower Processing Gadgets for Millet Farmers Dr.S.Shanmugasundaram 48.62
GAP-014 Identification of sustainable technologies for value chain development of Jackfruit Dr.R.Jaganmohan 51.86
Year : 2015
GAP-013 Application of bioavailable curcuminoids on selected food products Dr. M. Durgadevi 2.53
Year : 2014
GAP-012 DRR Projects Smt. S. Sulochana 6.56
GAP-011 Evaluation and certification of SRF's PVC coated poyster fabrics for Grain Storage Dr. J. Alice R.P.Sujeetha 8.41
GAP-008 Trial Milling of paddt for fixation of Out Turn Ratio Dr. K. Singaravadivel 61.59
Year : 2013
GAP-007 Oxidative Stability studies and quality assessment of olive oil blends for the benefit of Indian consumers Dr. Akash Pare 2.17
GAP-006 Effective Fumigation and control of Laemophloeus Dr. J. Alice R.P. Sujeetha 5.11
GAP-005 Pacakage of Technologies for On-farm Processing value Addition and Safe Storage of Onions Dr. V. R. Sinija 43.91
GAP-004 Phosphine & carbon dioxide (CO2) combinations a alternative to methyl bromide to manage stored pests of rice under bulk storage Dr. R. Meenatchi 33.29
GAP-003 Development of Technologies for novel food products based on Indigenous technology Dr. C.V. Kavitha abirami 32.71
GAP-002 Ultrasound processing of liquid food: Feasibility & efficacy Dr. Ashish Rawson 8.68
Year : 2012
GAP-001 Ensuring food security harnessing science to protect our grain from insect threats Dr. M. Loganathan 18
Industry Sponsored Research Projects

Project Name of the PI Total (Rs. in lakhs) Sponsored by
Enzymatic improvement of bioavailability of minerals, proteins and soluble fibre from millets Dr. C. Anandaramakrishnan 12.28 Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
Technology development for elemination of insect pests In packed oats Dr. C. Anandaramakrishnan 5.01 Marico Ltd.
Encapsulation techniques & food ingredients  Dr. C. Anandaramakrishnan 18.61 Dr.Reddy's_Laboratories Ltd, Hyderabad,
that have proven clinical benefits
Development of millet based noodles, mixes and cookies Dr.M. Durga Devi 5.07 Visnukumar Traders Pvt. Ltd., Chennai-77
Performance evaluation of RF sterilizer Dr. S. Shanmugasundaram 28 Lakshmi card clothing manufacturing company Pvt.Ltd. Coimbatore
Processing of spice mixers Dr.M. Durga Devi 2.25 Asquare Food & Beverage Pvt., Rajpur
Identification of raw materials & flavouring components & machinery for cereal thins Dr. N. Venkatachalapathy 2.95 Hangrow Foods India Pvt.Ltd., Erode
Processing and testing of rice varieties Dr. N. Venkatachalapathy 7.05 ITC, Bangalore
Development of neutraceutical product for special persons Dr. V. Hema 1.15 OSIS Corporation, Tirunelveli
Evaluation of new packaging material on development of insects in wheat flour/ maida during storage Dr. M. Loganathan 1.34 Provision Value Gard Pvt Ltd., Egmore, Chennai
Processing of Different types of herbal Tea Dr.V.R.Sinija 8.4 Katama Biomed Pvt.Ltd., Kodambakkam
Vacum Packaging of Ready to eat (RTE) Pet  food and Shelf life Estimation Dr.B.K.Yadav 4.36 Baxi Foods, Chennai
Design and Development of MW Dryer/Roaster for farm Produce Dr.N. Venkatchalapathy 5 Sreem Micro E devices, Mannargudi
Hematic EVAL packaging for food grains Dr. S. Ananda kumar 5.28 Kuraray India Pvt.Ltd. Pune
Quality evaluation of pasteurized Whole egg liquid for the substitution of shell egg in Industrial processing of various fancy cakes Dr. V. Hema 0.85 SKM Egg products export (India) ltd. Erode
Dry mix formulation for millet idli & dosa Dr. R. Vidyalakshmi 1 Sridhanya Speciality Food Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore