IIFPT; Industry ready technology

Technology for b-Carotene enriched Rice Vermicelli
Rice degerming techniques
Technology for Rice bran muffin
Technology for rice bran and pulse cookies
Technology for Rice bran pasta production
Technology for rice starch isolate
Retort packing technology for traditional Indian sweat meat products
Integrated Pest Management for Psocids in grain storage
Solar energy for Disinfestation and Drying of grains
Cottage level Crispy (Chakkli) production technology
Short time preservation technique for ready to eat lemon rice
Production of Tannase enzyme
Separation of rice germ from brown rice
Short time preservation technique to preserve high moisture paddy during rainy weather
Reprocessing technique to salvage fungal infected parboiled paddy
Short soaking cum tempering (SST) method for paddy parboiling
Sand parboiling methodReady to use idli dry mix
Use of black husk ash, thrown as waste, as a carrier for biofertilizer organisms
Technique to treat rice mill effluent
Preservation of paddy straw
Prevention of Husk Opening in Parboiling 
Bottling of Toddy
Toddy clarification technology
Neera packaging with longer shelf life
Flavored neera
RTS Idli with side dish
Stuffed idli
Therapeutic Idli
Ready to cook Millet pongal
Ready to cook Millet Uppma 


Multipurpose yard drying equipment for paddy drying
Low friction huller for shelling and polishing
Fluidized Thermal disinfestation unitOn-farm fruits and vegetables washer
Mobile Processing Unit
On-farm vegetable grader  

Technologies ready for patenting – (draft prepared) 

Aonla deseeding device
Vegetable (tuber) washer
Green leaf washer
Black gram thresher
Mobile processing unit
Divergent roller vegetable sorter 


Ready to use Crispy mix
Low Glycemic rice production technology
Gluten free bakery products
Product suitable for Autism and Geriatric health foods 
Health drink from germinated brown rice
Brown rice Nankhatai biscuits
Brown rice soup sticks
Brown rice cake
Brown rice bread
Quick cooking rice sooji
Formulation for millet based food products
Formulation of millet porridge
Amla mouth refresher
Grapes nectar
Vegetable jam
Guava jelly
Tomato conserve
Coconut chips
Banana candy
Plantain stem candy
Ginger muraba
Papaya candy
Fruit toffee
Mango cheese
Energy bar
Instant Biryani mix
Sugarcane RTS
Mango pulp
Ready-to-drink fruit juices
Tamarind paste
Tamarind ready-to-drink
Green mango juice
Amla RTS
Fruit squash
Masala powder
Amla candy
Amla honey preserve
Pickles, chutney, thokku
Mango nectar
Mixed vegetable pickles
Choco-nut cookies
Ragi cookies
Ragi bread
Millet bread
Macroni and spagatti
Brown bread
Sugar free cookies
Sugar free bread
Sugar free rusk
Multi grain bread
Eggless cake and cookies
Millet Cookies with Different flavor (vanilla, chocolate, spicy)
Coconut macrons
Multi grain rusk
Malt muffin
Germinated brown rice cookies
Malt cookies
Fruit cakeIce-creams in different flavor
Fresh fruit ice-cream
Homemade chocolates
Curry leaf cookies
Carrot cake
Banana cake