Technology Dissemination

The Department of Technology Dissemination assumes its established responsibility as dissemination of proven technologies in food processing and popularizing the benefits of venturing into food business to the food sector stake holders across the country. Besides technology dissemination, the department undertakes research programs on Techno-Economic Feasibility of Food Industries, Baseline Surveys for Project Implementation, Product Promotion and Market Forecasts and Case Studies on Socio-Economic Impacts of Food Business Ventures.

The department facilitates R&D - Industry tie-ups, public-private partnerships, and entrepreneurial cluster development and village adoption programs for farmers, rural youth and Self Help Groups in the areas of food processing. The department also promotes specialized programs like EDPs and Agribusiness Management programs to preferred target groups. Furthermore, the department coordinates with other departments of IIFPT in offering consultancies and turn-key projects for establishment of new food industries and up gradation of the existing ones.

As a step towards sensitizing the food sector stakeholders across the country, the department is involved in organizing seminars, conferences, trainings and workshops. These programs aimed at creating awareness on importance of food processing sector and to create strong insight on career and business prospectus in food processing. Deliberations on research outcomes during these programs are useful to identify novel ideas for career planning and business development in food processing. These programs are organized either directly by IIFPT or in association with State Agricultural Universities or ICAR institutes or any other related Government and Private organizations. The programs for grass root level participants are designed to suit the local conditions and aimed to fulfill their basic technological and socio-economic needs. Such programs are delivered in local languages involving local resource persons for easy understanding and meaningful interactions.

As part of outreach programs, the department also associated in showcasing the activities and services of IIFPT and the Ministry of Food Processing Industries by organizing expos and hosting mega theme pavilions in the national and international fairs. These pavilions will serve the visitors by providing necessary first-hand information on any kind of queries on food processing. Further, they enhance one to one discussions on specific clientele problems and enable contacts for future correspondence.

Computer Center:

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The department provides LAN and Wi-Fi facilities in the institute with the 200 MBPS lease line and takes care of approximately more than 500 computer/laptop systems, printers, scanners and video conferencing system at the institute used for academic, research and development activities. A computer laboratory equipped with 40 high end computers installed with several utilities software for the students of IIFPT.


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