Primary Processing, Storage and Handling


Agricultural commodities are dissipated between harvest and consumption, because of poor management of storage or unaware of proper handling which allows moisture, fungus, rodents and insects to spoil the commodities. This Department offers solution to problems related to post harvest processing and storage of food grains, pulses, oil seeds, millets and spices. Furthermore, the faculty members of the department also focus on pest management techniques in stored commodities.

This department has eminent faculty member with a greater experience in academics, research and administration.They are engaged in teamwork with other departments on inter-disciplinary projects. Faculty’s research has been focused on storage of food products, fumigation of food grains, controlled atmosphere storage and modified atmosphere storage of bulk products.

DPPSH is established with superior infrastructure facility which serves a wide platform for efficient industrial collaborations. Laboratories are occupied with sophisticated equipments like Stereozoom microscope, Biofumigation system, Ozone analyzer, Phosphine gas generation chamber, etc., The Department also has a bulk storage research facility which comprise of five galvanized metal bins of various diameters and heights with fully automated loading, aerating and drying systems.

Training and Consultancy

Training and consultancies are also offered by the faculty members on solving problems in grain storage, handling and insect management. Research projects on Public Private Partnership mode are also conducted. A project on "Design and development of solar photo-voltaic powered cold storage system” in collaboration with NIT, Trichy funded by DST is currently under progress.

Research Supervision
The faculty members of this department have guideship to supervise Ph.D. students in Biotechnology. Students from other institutions are also allowed to execute their undergraduate and postgraduate research works.


  • Name : Dr. R. Meenatchi
    Designation : Associate Professor and Head i/c
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    Specialization : Storage Entomology
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  • Staff Members

  • Name : Smt. T. Malarkodi
    Designation : SS. Grade II
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