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Food Processing sector in India is poised to take off in a big way. India proposes to increase the world trade of processed foods from 1.5% to 3.0% by 2015. to achieve this growth and to improve upon it in the future, the sector needs technically trained manpower who are leaders and who can compete with big giants in food processing.

Considering vital importance, IIFPT offers B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs in Food Processing Engineering starting from 2009-10 academic year. The undergraduate course is of four years or eight semesters duration, graduate program two years or four semesters duration and the doctoral program is usually of 3 years duration.Students are admitted based on all India basis competitive exam exclusively conducted by IIFPT at many places across the country and student intake is 40 in undergrauate, 10 in graduate and 5 in doctoral programs.

We have Intern ational understanding with many institutions in Canada, USA and other countries. we send our undergraduate students for short term exposure or our graduate students for long term research training works. These training and research exposures help to create leaders in food processing who can take Indian food processing sector to greater heights.

We strive hard to create globally competitive manpower and we achieve this by the following many special qualities of our academic program:

  • Our curriculum is very well laid out after careful discussions amongst peers at national and international levels.
  • We have a good mix of theoretical and hands-on training in the curriculum.
  • Our laboratory facilities are of international standards.
  • Our professors have wide international exposures and contacts.
  • We send our students to villages to get first hand information on the problems faced by producers and the current status of production, storage, handling and marketing of foods.
  • On the other hand, our students are send to reputed international institutions around he world for exposure visits, short term trainings or research experiences in advanced laboratories.
  • These rural and international exposure help to create globally competitive manpower.


  • Name : Dr. M. Loganathan
    Designation : Professor and Head
    Email ID :,
    Contact No. : +91-9750968410
    Specialization : Storage Entomology
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  • Name : Dr. Akash Pare
    Designation : Assistant Professor
    Email ID :,
    Contact No. : +91-9750968416
    Specialization : Food Process Engineering
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  • Name : Dr. M.R. Bivin
    Designation : Associate Professor (C) - Mathematics
    Email ID :
    Contact No. : +91-9894105569
    Specialization : GAI-2 Sequence Spaces
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  • Name : Mrs. M. Malathy
    Designation : Assistant Professor (C)
    Email ID :
    Contact No. : +91-9994513615
    Specialization : Computer Science and Engineering
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  • Name : Dr. C. Sukumari
    Designation : Assistant Professor (C)
    Email ID :
    Contact No. : +91-9486686717
    Specialization : Stochastic Processes
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  • Name : Dr. E. Arunkumar
    Designation : Assistant Professor (C)
    Email ID :
    Contact No. : 9789187460
    Specialization : Nutraceuticals and human health
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  • Staff Members

  • Name : Smt. V. Uma
    Designation : Technician (LAB) T1
    Email ID : -
    Contact No. : +91-9659056409
    Specialization : -
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