Lab Facilities


The IIFPT(Formerly IICPT) is located in a panoramic 15 acre land located at a distance of 2 km from the Thanjavur new bus terminus, 8 km from Thanjavur Railway Station and 50 km from Trichirappalli Airport and 300 km from Chennai.  In its main campus at Thanjavur, IIFPT has created, world class research laboratories for conducting research in different areas of food processing technologies. IIFPT and its scientists are experts in their own fields of research.  They are very good in creating new laboratories for themselves or working as consultants for creating labs for other individuals or organizations.  The institute has world class teaching and research facilities.  The current facilities in the institute include the following:

  1. World class teaching laboratories 
    • Unit operations Lab
    • Engineering Properties Lab
    • Heat Transfer Lab
    • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Lab
    • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Lab
    • Strength of Materials Lab
    • Crop Process Engineering Lab
    • Spices Process Engineering Lab
    • Theory of Machines and Engineering Mechanics Lab
    • Food Engineering Lab
    • Manufacturing Practices Lab
    • Electrical Engineering Lab
    • Electronics and Instrumentation Lab
    • Food Packaging Lab
    • Food Chemistry and Safety Lab
    • Dairy and Meat Sciences Lab
    • Basic Sciences Lab
    • Computer Lab
    • Communications Lab
  2. State of Art R&D Laboratories
    • Food Science and Product Development Laboratory
    • Food Microbiology Laboratory
    • NABL Food Analysis Laboratory
    • Food Packaging and storage laboratory
    • ISO certified Food Processing Business cum Training Incubation Centre
    • Image processing laboratory
    • Soft x-ray laboratory
    • Acoustics Resonance laboratory
    • Modern Bakery Unit
    • Food Engineering Workshop
  3. Bulk Storage Facilities
  4. Knowledge centre and Computing facilities 


This laboratory focuses on the development of novel and functional foods from India specific food grains, pulses, oilseeds, and fruits and vegetables.  The food crop quality and its ingredient suitability for designing new food products suitable for target population of children, young adults, adults with lifestyle disorders and aged and ailing people are being studied by our scientists.  Modern equipments including different types of extruders, texture analyzers, phase transition analyzer, rapid visco analyzer, milling machines and all accessories necessary for food product development are parts of this facility.  


The ideas generated by other departments are given a shape in the food engineering laboratory. This laboratory consists of modern fabrication facilities with all manufacturing machines and tools. The food engineering division work, either independently or jointly with other divisions, help in creating new machines and processes for food processing industries.  This laboratory provides direct linkage with the farm produce and the postharvest activities

Some of the gadgets, technologies or accessories developed includes Fruit and Vegetable Washer, Grader, Destoner, Mobile Processing Unit, Multi Purpose Yard Drying Equipment, continuous rice puffing unit, thermal dis-infestation of paddy, low friction huller, improved parboiling unit, rice degermer, husk fired stove, small scale pulse de-husker, improved parboiling unit and pedal operated winnower.  These technologies are popular among the farmers and entrepreneurs.


Microbes play major roles in our foods, some plays a good role and some a bad role.  Bad microbes must be controlled to save the food from spoilage and good microbes must be provided with conducing growing conditions.  Current Research Focuses include production of pigments from microbial origin, preparation and preservation of millet based Porridges for longer shelf life, beverage preservation, utilization of tapioca effluent for spirulina production, standardization of ethnic fermented food and beverages by rationalization of indigenous knowledge, probiotic food formulation using non dairy substrates and tannase enzyme production from agro wastes.


Our NABL accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Food Analysis Laboratory is equipped with modern equipments to carryout physico-chemical analysis of food, water and any organic samples.  This laboratory has hi-tech analytical instruments like GCMS, ICPMS, LCMS, NMR, HPLC, HPTLC Amino acid analyzer, Iron chromatography for analyzing biochemical parameters, pesticides residual and nutrition etc. in samples related to food products.  Ready reference books such as BIS, CODEX, PFA, AOAC and AACC for food analysis are available.  The laboratory is constantly upgraded to meet international standards.