Academic Programs

India is the third largest producer of all foods in the world and is behind only to China and USA. We produce more than 600 million tons of foods annually. We are the largest producers of pulses, milk, tea, all spices, first or second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, largest in live stock population, third largest in grains and oilseeds, fifth largest in poultry and seventh largest in fish productions. We have greater than 7000 km of marine landing where we can fish all around the year.

In spite of these superlative facts, the domestic food supply is inadequate at the receiving end and our export share in international markets is much less than 2%. The main reasons are due to lack of technical work force in food processing sector, fewer ventures in food processing businesses, huge losses, lack of technical knowhow and so on. The food processing sector has greater scope globally. Skilled professionals are in great need starting from food collection, transit, supply chain management, processing, value addition, cold chain management and up to consumer end.

The total value of food trade in the country is Rs.9,00,000 crores. Government of India has a target of achieving 3% of international food trade from current levels of 1.5% in the coming years. A meagre 1% growth rate in food processing industries will lead to 5 lakhs direct and 15 lakhs indirect employments.

Considering the importance of this vital sector, IIFPT offers the following academic programs, affiliated to Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore.


UG program

  • B.Tech (Food Technology) - 75 seats

PG Program

  • M.Tech (Food Technology) Food Process Engineering - 12 seats
  • M.Tech (Food Technology) Food Process Technology - 12 seats
  • M.Tech (Food Technology) Food Safety & Quality Assurance - 12 seats

Ph. D Program

  • Ph.D (Food Technology) Food Process Engineering - 8 seats
  • Ph.D (Food Technology) Food Science and Technology - 8 seats