Academic Programs

India is one of the largest producers of all foods in the world and it stands third in the world of food productions next to China and America. We produce greater than 600 million tons of foods in all. We are the largest producers of pulses, milk, tea, all spices, first or second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, largest in the live stock production, third largest in grains and oils seeds, fifth largest in poultry and seventh largest in fist productions. In spite of these superlative productions, the food supply in domestic market place is inadequate, Indians don't get to eat healthy foods, and our exports share in the international markets in less than 2 per cent. All these are due to lack of technical manpower in food processing sector, poor ventures in food processing business and so on.

We have about 300 million upper middle class consumers for value added foods, 200 millions are shifting to these with changing economic scenario. The total value of food trade in the country is US $ 198 billions. It is proposed to increase our world trade of processed food sector from 1.5 % to 3.0 % by 2015. A dire need to avert the situation is to create new manpower in food processing technologies. We don't have sufficient manpower either to venture in new food processing businesses or to meet the current demands of food processing industries. We also lack in scientific manpower to work on creating new and cost effective food processing and value addition technologies.

Considering the importance of this vital sector, IIFPT(Formerly IICPT) is offering B. Tech., M. Tech. and Ph. D. programs in Food Process Engineering starting 2009-10.


UG program

  • B.Tech (Food Technology)

PG Program

  • M.Tech (Food Technology) Food Process Engineering
  • M.Tech (Food Technology) Food Process Technology
  • M.Tech (Food Technology) Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Ph. D Program

  • Ph.D (Food Technology) Food Process Engineering
  • Ph.D (Food Technology) Food Process Technology