• Gaining an increased understanding of living organisms with a view to increasing its application in the grain industry.
  • Basic, applied and adoptive research and development in post harvest processing, preservation and value addition of cereal grains, pulses, millets and oil seeds, and crops of wetlands and storm prone regions, including plantation, spices and other important crops.
  • Research and development for creating environment friendly methods of utilizing the vast biomass in the country and food industrial wastes for increased economic returns of the producers and processors.
  • Education and training for creating strong human resource capacities for the food processing industry and academic institutions in the country.
  • Training for upgrading the skills of academicians, research students and food processing entrepreneurs and manpower for promoting growth of new food industry and entrepreneurship in the country.
  • Consultancy to existing food industries or for creation of new food industries for better performance, efficient functioning, and for by-product and waste utilization and effective effluent management.
  • Act as a National Institute for the information generation and flow on post harvest processing, preservation and value addition of foods and to create linkages with related industries, academic and R&D Institutions across the country and around the world, and
  • Analytical services to food industries and research institutes for testing the food and other organic samples and providing reports on the proximate and ultimate compositions.